King's Canyon WaterfallKings Canyon National Park offers numerous opportunities for the RV enthusiast, making it a great destination for your next camping trip! The site has been protected by the federal government since 1890, allowing the world’s tallest trees to provide unique views you cannot see anywhere else. Park employees start controlled fires to promote sequoia reproduction, allowing guests to identify generations of trees from the burn scars they have.

Sequoia Groves

Sequoia trees are exclusive to the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, so Kings Canyon and the adjacent Sequoia National Park are the only places to see them. A Grove is defined as an area containing one or more of these rare trees. They are generally not the most numerous tree in a grove, but their majesty commands attention anyway.

One of the most popular Sequoia groves is Grant Grove, named for the 18th President of the United States. No grove has more large trees than this one, including General Grant Tree which has served as the nation’s Christmas tree since 1925.

Winter Fun

Kings Canyon offers plenty of winter activities when snow coats its landscape. Designated “snowplay” areas allow for skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing. Guests should note that tire chains are often required to drive in the area’s unpredictable winter weather conditions.

Skis, tire chains, and other winter goods are available for rent or purchase in the park, or you can bring your own gear with you.

Additional Activities

Grant Grove Stables offers scenic horseback riding tours, allowing guests to benefit from the knowledge of a park ranger while embracing their natural surroundings. Individuals interested in additional information may visit the museum located in the Kings Canyon Visitor’s Center to learn all about the area’s rich history.

The Visitor’s Center also distributes wilderness passes required to spend the night outside of a designated campground. This allows backpackers and hiking enthusiasts to enjoy the many trails found in the park.

Finally, showers, restaurants, markets, and a gift shop are available.

RV Camping at Kings Canyon

There are a total of ten campgrounds at Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks that can accommodate RVs, sorted by which area of the parks they are located in. The following parks are in the Grant Grove area:

Azalea Campground (open year-round)
Crystal Springs Campground (early Spring-early Fall)
Sunset Campground (Scheduled to be open from May 23-September 5 in 2018).

The Lodgepole/Giant Grove area includes the Lodgepole Campground and Dorst Creek Campground, both open from early Spring through late Fall. The Foothills region adds Potwisha Campground, but campers are advised that its dumping area is closed until further notice.

Finally, the following campgrounds are located in the quieter Cedar Grove area:

Sentinel Campground (early Spring-late Fall)
Sheep Creek Campground (Late Spring-early Fall)
Moraine Campground (Late Spring-early Fall)
Canyon View Campground (large groups only, Late Spring-early Fall)

If your RV is more than 22 feet in length, you should enter the park via the northern entrance (off Highway 180) as larger vehicles are not permitted between the southern entrance and the Giant Forest area of the park.

Kings Canyon has no RV hookups and generator use is permitted from 9am to 9pm. Some campsites are more restrictive. Bears are also active around all campsites, so a secure trash container is available at all campsites to safely dispose of anything with a scent.

Reservations are recommended at all of the above campgrounds, with additional sites distributed on a first-come, first served basis. Normal campsites hold up to six guests, with group sites available for groups ranging from 7-50.

Happy camping!


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