Doheny State BeachThanks to the generosity and public spirit of oil tycoon Edward L.Doheny, the state of California offers one of the most iconic places to camp in the entire nation. What is now known as Doheny State Beach was donated for use as a public park to the state of California in 1931. It was, in fact, the very first state beach in California’s now-extensive collection of such facilities. As a place to park your RV and watch the sun vanish into the Pacific Ocean, it simply can’t be beaten.

The Attractions

Watching the sun go down over the Pacific is a highlight of the evening hours, but there is a lot more to do than just wait for that one magical hour to strike. All of Doheny’s beachfront is available for surfing in one form or another– which makes it a very popular campsite for younger adventurers.

Surf fishing and the ever-popular sport of beach volleyball are also mainstays of the typical Doheny experience. Not to mention just lying in the sand and soaking up the rays. Barbecuing and picnicking spots are available along Doheny’s five acres of lush grass. For those who are interested in learning more about the ecosystem in the area, the park also features a tidal pool and a visitor center which offers several aquariums that showcase the local species.

Doheny RV Camping

So far as actual RV camping goes, the one potential drawback for some campers is Doheny’s 35-foot limit for either trailers or self-contained RVs. Apart from this one hiccup, California has actually gone to great lengths to accommodate the carefree RV lifestyle inside a park that hosts almost one million visitors per year. Doheny State Beach offers group camping reservations for large parties who wish to enjoy the splendor together. With the ability to host up to twelve separate parties in a single group camping spot, the beach is an ideal rendezvous point or the perfect place to host a unique and memorable family get-together.

For those who cannot fathom the idea of a trip to the beach without having some beer along for the ride, alcoholic beverages are permitted within the confines of the campsites and in limited parts of the so-called Day Use areas so that park visitors may responsibly sample the full spectrum of beach activities.

There are no hook ups at Doheny but the park does have potable water and dump stations available for use of its visitors. There are a total of 122 separate camping spots available through the California State Parks program known as Reserve California or on a daily first come-first served basis for any spots not spoken for already. Check in is at 2 pm local time and check out is at noon. For normal daytime visitors, the park hours are 6 am to 10 pm throughout the year. RVers wishing to camp at Doheny State Beach are strongly advised to make reservations prior to visiting the park even during off-peak times of the year.

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