If ever there was a beautiful place in the world that offered a myriad of recreational opportunities, it is Del Mar. Del Mar is a San Diego City in Southern California and it’s name derives from the Spanish words ‘del mar’ which translates to ‘the sea’. True to its name, the city is within close proximity to the sea and therefore boasts the white sandy beaches, the deep blue sea, a cool natural surroundings, and the best RV rentals.

Race Track

For horse lovers, nothing is more thrilling than participating in horse race competitions, watching the highest thoroughbreds racing, and betting on winners. The race track at Del Mar offers not only a course that has the best horse breeds, but also simulcast, opportunities to participate in the races, as well as a replay of some of the most epic horse races.

Events Venue

The race track at Del mar also serves as a venue where different people can hold a variety of activities. Families can hold family events on the premises and or take part in the free concerts that come with the admission to the other track events. The concerts take place all year round and whereas there is not much resting space, you can count on an RV rental to provide the comfort that you need.


One of the biggest questions that people have regarding a recreational or fun place is its accommodation of children. In Del Mar, you need not worry. Not only does the race track allow children, but it also has a day camp for children. The neighboring facilities offer a variety of recreational activities for children. Your children will be spoiled for choice and have the time of their lives at Legoland, the aquarium, the San Diego Zoo,or the polo club.

RV Camps

Del Mar Beach Resort, South Carlsbad State Beach, and Surf and Turf RV Park comprise some of the best RV camping sites near Del Mar. These three parks offer diverse facilities and you can choose to experience all of them without changing your accommodation arrangements if you are staying in our RV rentals. You just drive into one site, pay the required minimal fees, and leave when you are ready.

Recreation and Facilities at RV Camps

Del Mar Beach Resort, located along the beaches, offers not only the beautiful ocean view from its villas and sandy beaches, but also a venue for events such as weddings, rental tents, a vineyard, and a golf course.

The Surf and Turf RV Park, like the Deal Mar Beach Resort, is also located along the beaches and, therefore, offers the sea and beach experience. Basking under the sun and swimming in the sea/ beaches comprise some of the activities that race track visitors can take advantage of since this park is located a few yards from the race track. Visitors of the park can pay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on their tour schedule.

Located a bit further from the Del Mar Race Track is the South Carlsbad State Beach. This camping site has neighboring natural attractions, museums, ghost towns, and light houses. Visitors to this park can also engage in the various water sports along the beach and in the sea.

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